Hello from the 3D side

Long time, no see… but here I am again! It has been a long, busy break with various projects going on at the same time and little time for anything else. But 2 years and many adventures later, I am now back and ready to mingle and share awesome things from the internet once more. More to follow soon…

But for now, my latest discovery is by beloved friend’s passion for 3D modelling. I was never familiar with this way of capturing fragments of reality. I am trying to learn more about it, as it is quite fascinating how you can just rebuild an object or a landscape from mere pictures. It was a bit peculiar to observe the process a while ago, with my friend circling an object for hours on end, only to recreate it from scratch in the virtual world… 42 hours later. Below, you will see a lovely, interactive toy, with a lovely story behind. You can turn it, zoom in, rotate it, all with the power of your own cursor. Oh, and those little numbers on the hippo…they hide annotations, so click below, enjoy and share with other if you like it!

Cute baby hippo, gifted by my girlfriend a while back. We’re both wildlife enthusiasts, so I’m often imagining it wandering across my desk…

For technical details, see the following link: https://skfb.ly/6RxTo/

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