To be read when one is bored out of one's skull

A man becomes human when he starts feeling bored. You can see it: the most intelligent child will be the most bored child – because nothing can keep his interest for long. Sooner or later he stumbles upon the fact and asks, “Now what? What next? This is finished. I have seen this toy, I have looked into it, I have opened it, I have analyzed it, now I am finished – what is next?” SOON he starts finishing things. By the time he becomes young, he is already bored.


Buddha was utterly bored. He left his kingdom when he was only twenty-nine, at the peak of his youth. He was utterly bored – with women, with wine, with wealth, with kingdom, with everything.

He had seen all, he had seen through and through. He was bored. He renounced the world NOT because the world is wrong, remember. Traditionally it is said he renounced the world because the world is bad – that is absolute nonsense. He renounced the world because he became so BORED with it.

-Osho, Take it easy (vol.1)

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