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I  found this inspiring little book which is meant to help you overcome writer’s block. Here is how I explored one of the ideas from this guide .

Write from the point-of-view of someone who committed a murder today. DO NOT mention the murder.

‘Today I am wandering on the streets with no clear destination. I lose myself in between ruined buildings and faces who remind me of him. On every face passing by me I see a part of him. In that blue-eyed person, who is just passing by me, I see the way he used to walk: large and graceful steps. In the old man who is coming towards me, I see the mature look he used to put on his face when he was looking at me. The impatient young man waiting in the bus station held his hands just like he did. It feels like I can only remember him by joining separate parts from the people I see. He is not a person anymore, but just a sum of fragments from each person on the streets.’ Felix never thought of a human being like this before. It was odd to have this ability which made him see a person as a whole formed by parts from other people.

‘People are just flesh to me now, just walking masses. They are all vulnerable and I am above all of them. I feel powerful. Hearing my strong heartbeat and feeling the blood running like mad in my veins just made me realize that I want more of it. I am thirsty of it. I feel like listening to Blast action from Blue Stahli. I cannot feel any shade of guilt. It seems to me the most natural thing to do in the world.’ This is how Felix thought about himself at first. His second voice came right after that: ‘I am constantly looking at my hands, checking for any traces of his existence on me. My mind is filled with thoughts which are just like ghosts. They come and go so fast that I can barely focus on one of them. I wonder how my mother would see me now. The thought of my mother seems to frequently come up in my mind. I remember her singing lullabies to me about beautiful dreams that I was going to have once I was asleep. She told me that when we dream, we create our worlds in which we can become anyone we want. I was a little prince once, just like the one in story from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The only memory I have of my dad is about him reading this story to me. I want to read it again and see how I feel about this little prince now. I remember from when I was a kid that he was learning about life. Is this just a dream? Who am I now? What would my mother think of me? ’ said Felix talking to himself in the mirror.

Photo: Anastasia Cojocaru

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